Thank you for your interest in the new social media application "Kandiid"! Kandiid is a social media platform that allows users to create the content that their following wants to see while allowing the user to charge micro transactions for their best work. This allows you to create the content you are most passionate/want to create while bringing out your biggest fans.

Why post on Kandiid?


Kandiid allows you to control your content. Whether you're in the gym, the kitchen or the lake, you can give your fans a behind the scenes pass to view your exclusive content.     

Safe Social Media

On Kandiid we've removed "likes" and "comments" so that you can post your most personal content in a safe environment. 

Be your own brand!

Many influencers put their best work out for free or only take a one time payment for posting an advertisement. On Kandiid you can post albums that resonate with you and your audience while getting paid directly from your fans.