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Updated: May 5, 2020

You've had enough, right?

Enough posting day in and day out. Giving value out but receiving nothing of value in

return. Well, all of that has changed.

We have finally created Kandiid. Kandiid is the only platform that allows you to directly

monetize your content. With Kandiid you get to choose the value of your posts that

goes beyond likes and comments.

What does “directly monetize” mean? It's simple.

• You post great free content like normal in your Kandiid album “Like a Preview”

• You decided to put your all into your next premium album “Pics & Videos”

• You charge a fee to view it “Your best work has a value”

• You advertise your premium album on your other social media’s.

• Cash out!

The time has arrived for you to be able to make money on the effort you put into your

content. Whether you are an influencer or day to day DIY'er, you deserve to be paid for

your work. And you deserve to determine your own value. With Kandiid, you can finally

be yourself (and get paid for it).

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